E. Malamatinas & Son S.A.: Famous Winery Renowned for Authentic Retsina Malamatina Production

2023-03-20 03:30:13 By : Ms. Nancy Dai
Carbonated water | E. Malamatinas & Son S.A.

E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. Winery Takes on the Carbonated Water Market with Help from Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd.

The E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. Winery, renowned for its production of the authentic Retsina Malamatina wine, has set its sights on the carbonated water market. In partnership with Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the most reliable filling and packaging solution manufacturers in China, the winery has launched its new line of carbonated water products.

The decision to enter the carbonated water market comes as part of E. Malamatinas & Son S.A.'s efforts to expand its reach beyond the wine industry. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for carbonated water and other non-alcoholic beverages, and the winery saw an opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

To ensure the success of its new venture, E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. turned to Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd. for their expertise in filling and packaging solutions. Based in Zhangjiagang City, the company is strategically located for transportation, with easy access to major airports such as Sunan Shuofang International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Nanjing Lukou International Airport.

Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd. provided E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. with a complete filling and packaging solution for their carbonated water products. The equipment included a carbonated water filling machine, a labeling machine, a capping machine, and a shrink wrapping machine, all of which were designed to meet the winery's specific needs.

The carbonated water filling machine, for example, was customized to accommodate the unique characteristics of E. Malamatinas & Son S.A.'s carbonated water products. The machine features a high-precision filling valve that guarantees the accurate filling of each bottle, while also ensuring that the carbonation levels are consistent throughout the entire batch.

Carbonated water | E. Malamatinas & Son S.A.

The labeling machine, on the other hand, allows for the easy application of custom labels with high precision and speed, while the capping machine automatically seals each bottle with a tight-fitting cap. Finally, the shrink wrapping machine wraps each bottle in a protective shrink film, ensuring that the product arrives at the consumer's hands in pristine condition.

With the help of Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd.'s state-of-the-art equipment, E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. was able to launch its new carbonated water products with ease. The winery's new line of carbonated water products includes a variety of flavors, including lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. Each flavor is crafted using the highest quality natural ingredients, and with a commitment to sustainability that the E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. is known for.

The launch of the carbonated water products has been met with positive reviews from customers and industry experts alike. Many have praised E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. for its innovative approach to product expansion, noting that the winery's dedication to quality and sustainability is reflected in its new carbonated water line.

With its successful entry into the carbonated water market, E. Malamatinas & Son S.A. is poised to continue its growth as a leader in the beverage industry. With the support of Jiangsu Sinopak Tec Machinery Co., Ltd., the winery is confident that it can continue to deliver high-quality products to its customers around the world.